A Father’s Unconditional Love

You taught me to love with unconditional grace always extending,

You taught me humility. Your lessons were never-ending.

You taught me to love the Earth and the wildlife all around,

Lessons of kindness and compassion throughout our small town.

Yet the lesson learned now is much different and much longer,

It’s harder for me to hold up, but I know I will become stronger.

I pray for peace to be found inside,

And for memories of you to be kept alive.

I pray for acceptance, for that I yearn,

To know that someday, somewhere, your former self will return.

As your memories fade it brings us much pain,

Your impact, your legacy, however, they still remain.

Evidence of your life abounds all around,

In family, in friends, and even strangers it can be found.

Some things still lost from this terrible disease,

But being reminded of your traits in me keeps me at ease.

I now walk in your old boots as a daily reminder,

To love the ones you hold close, and to always be a bit kinder.




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Jimmy Young

Jimmy Young

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